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Fit For stress.
Respire Academy
Active resilience training
Respire academy

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We make you fit for stress.

The RESPIRE ACADEMY is a hybrid year-long program for stress regulation. We holistically guide you through the stress jungle of the digital work world. With sessions that are free to choose in terms of time and location, regular live calls, and a shared motivational event on-site, the RESPIRE ACADEMY offers you optimal stress management in your workplace. You will gain new strength for high workloads, unwind faster in the evenings, and remain focused on the truly important things.


A lot.

You learn how to handle it.

As an athlete in professional sports, I was used to quickly implementing useful strategies on my way to achieving my goal. In today's business world, it is similar - with one big difference: countless tasks and responsibilities distract you from your path. Today, I am a mother of three children myself and run our company with 10 employees. I am familiar with the diverse challenges and the daily time pressure that comes with it. Sport and business have one thing in common: the day only has 24 hours - so let's get started!

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Respire academy

resilience. sports.
inspiration. recovery.


Use your body as a stress
relief valve.
We have set ourselves the goal of making many people FIT FOR STRESS in the modern work environment with simple applications. Strategy alone is not enough, it's time for IMPLEMENTATION. Doing it all alone is often difficult. That's why we have developed an ideal accompanying program in which YOU decide when, where, and how often to use it. We don't make the stress disappear, maybe we even expand your theoretical knowledge, but we want to do the most important thing: give you clear tools that you can easily implement in your daily challenges. Noticeable relief, good mood, mental strength, and restful sleep help you stay relaxed in crucial moments, focus, and gain new strength.
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How does the

As a motivation, we start with a joint live event in your company. After that, your environment is also ready for active resilience, which is still a sensitive topic in performance-oriented society. It is true greatness to accept professional support to become more resilient. You can incorporate the tools from our Holistic Health Concept during working hours with short activity sessions or continue them anytime outdoors on your terrace and in your living room at home. With your two online access options, you can decide for yourself when, where, and how much you need at any given time to feel good. In the regular group live calls, you can ask me questions and receive current inputs according to your wishes.

The 3-part support program
makes the participants
individually stress-resistant.
Respire academy

The Holistic Health Concept for your Wellbeing

holistic health concept
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Strong Mind

Achieve your goals with a clear mind

mental training for performance pressure
motivation & concentration
boosting self-confidence
improvisation to perfection

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Active Body

Gentle movement with music

Brain stimulation
mindfulness with Power Qigong
balance, coordination & agility
spinal & core stability

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Neuro Cell

Tools against acute stress

Vagus nerve training
strengthening neuroresources
WingWave stress memory
Psychoneuroimmunology coaching

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Power Food

Nutrition and culinary delights

Metabolism optimization for efficient performance
microbiome & gut-brain axis
feeding schedule for the mind monkeys

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Energy Reload

Islands for strength and serenity

Breath training
tools for restful sleep
muscle relaxation & body journey
active regeneration

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Pure Nature

Outdoor training relieves density stress

Oxygen for brain & muscles
expand focus & feel grounded
integrate the elements
nature as a generous source of power

Where will you be tomorrow if you don't start

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Christoph Holzknecht
Head of Management
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